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Heater Model:  BLADE
Heating capacity: 9000 BTU/h
Maximum power: 2000 W
Bulb/Heat element Life approx 18,000 hours vs 600-800 hours on a standard IR heater!
Space of use: 2 sf
Power supply: AC 120V
Size(WxLxH): 3.54″ x 35.40″ x 5.12″
Product weight: 4.85 pounds
Safety device: Overheat protection
Controlling method: Push button control and remote control
Controlling function: Automatic temperature control
four power settings
Telescopic stand (sold separately)

Adjustable height
Price: $135 NOW $100
Max. height: 5 ft 9.1 in
Min. height: 3 ft 6.1 in