Outdoor Patio Heaters

Mist Works offers top of the line outdoor patio heaters from Canada and Australia from Victory Lighting, IR Energy, Solaira and Bromic

We have options for most all budgets! Natural Gas, LP and electric heating options-Infrared and Radiant

Call us at 877-647-8326 (That’s 877-Mist-Fan) or email info@mistworks.net to determine which patio heater would work best for you.

Victory lighting Patio heaters Infrared
electric patio heaters victory
victory outdoor patio heaters IR
habanero-over sofapng
IR Energy patio heaters
IR Energy Gas Patio HEaters
Habanero patio pic
Solaira Aura Patio Heaters
Solaira-ALPHA-H2-residential patio heaters
Solaira Aura Patio Heaters
AURA LLE suspended patio heater
Aura LLE wall mount solaira patio heaters