Mist Works has an effective and affordable way to keep your guests, employees and even animals cool outdoors during the blazing heat of Summer. Que lines to wait on amusement rides get long-and in Summer heat you want to help guests avoid heat stress issues. With a Mist Works misting system and outdoor fans, you can keep everyone safe and comfortable while they wait.

Fog effects are another specialty of ours. Have a big volcano that “steams” or a rocket blasting off? Maybe a virtual reality experience with fog? We have all the nozzles, fittings, high pressure misting pumps (including variable frequency drive pumps), and misting parts and products you need to create the biggest and baddest FX out there!

We build all Mist Works mist pumps in-house in Florida. These systems, designed for continuous duty, run smooth like a work horse. The EXD series pumps are ideal for creating cooling stations and areas, along with perfect for fog effects at your amusement park, water park, arena or theme park.

Looking for help with the design or install? We can do both, or we’ll custom design your system for YOU to install at your theme park, golf course, zoo, or other amusement park!   Click here for our FLICKR Amusement industry photo album 

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