Misting Systems FAQs and HOW Mist Works

Will a mist system really work in high humidity areas?

Yes indeed! Mist cooling is extra effective in dry arid regions, like Arizona and Las Vegas (up to a 30 degree drop!), we have tweaked our install method to work great in humid places like the Southern states like Louisiana, Florida  and Georgia have!  With mist Works misting systems and mist fans, we can effectively lower the temperate by up to 15-20 degrees in humid climates

Is the misting pump loud?

Our RCD, PHD, EXD and WAVE series pumps have Direct Drive pumps – they purr and are normally quieter than a pool pump.  We recommend placing the misting pump near your pool pump, or around the side of the home or building where the water and electric source is, to ensure the quietest operation.

What kind of maintenance does a misting system require?