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  • Mist Works offers many rental options for cooling off your party, festival or job site. Each event, location and venue is unique and we will work with you to determine the best misting fan options for your event and budget.
  • Our mist fans cool without surface wetting!
  • Misters in medical tents aid in heat stroke recovery and prevention.
  • High-pressure misters created the finest, driest mist-allowing for the fastest evaporation and cooling. Mid-pressure misting fans are great for sports events and picnics, but we highly recommend our high-pressure units for optimal cooling without wetting.
  • ALL our rental cooling products require 110V electric, some require constant water source others have tanks that will be filled.
  • New Orleans, LA, Pensacola, FL and Tampa, FL have our misters readily available for delivery or pickup.  We do work Nationwide for the larger events.


  • We offer co-branding opportunities for companies or for your sponsors. Event Management companies can sell advertising space on the fans to your Clients & Sponsors of your event! You provide your graphic decals to place on our portable misters.
  • Event planners / special event companies please email for special rates.
  • Large (think Jazzfest or PGA Championships) or small events and festivals can all benefit from cooling misters! Guest enjoy the music, sport, art, food & drinks comfortably with our misting fans!
  • VIP areas will be extra “COOL” with Mist Works.
  • Mist fans for weddings, hotels, hospitality venues, parks, sports fields, backyards, movie sets, beach, crawfish boils and any other kind of event you need to be COOL.
  • Patio Heaters available in Gulf Breeze / Pensacola area only

Portable Mister Fan “BLIZZARD”

  • This mist fan may cool 50+ feet out!
  • High velocity 36″ blade
  • Requires continuous water & electrical access (110v/8 AMP)
  • Includes high-pressure mist pump
  • We do not ship BLIZZARDS for rentals
  • Pump can also run up to two 18″ fans while running Blizzard
  • Quiet fan!

Portable Mist Spray Fans

  • Mist 2 Go Sports Misters 3 speed fan
  • 22″ Fan Head/18″ Blade high velocity
  • Cools out 20-30 feet and spreads cooling the further the breeze goes!
  • Perfect for sports events & parties
  • Tank holds up to 36 gallons
  • Runs up to 10 hours before refill
  • Fan stores in tank when not in use
  • 110V electric required

Specialty Mist

    • Festivals and events
    • Wedding and reunions
    • Custom specialty misters for large scale venues
    • Tent mist lines
    • Fans can be mounted to tent poles for cooling
    • Fog effects
    • Film production
    • Misting tents – great for kids areas

Evaporative Coolers

#EV36 – Cooling Area 750 sf. | #EV60-Cooling Area 1600 sf. | #EV180-Cooling Area 2100 sf.

  • Great for weddings and parties
  • Portable air conditioning (on wheels with locks)
  • Cools 3-4 hours on one tank of water.
  • Connect unit to garden hose or Fill by hand with bucket
  • Limited availability


  • Most 3600 Watts
  • 5500 Watt available
  • Many available
  • Client responsible for gas for product

Patio Heaters

  • Available in Pensacola areas only.
  • One full propane tank included per heater
  • Delivery not included
  • Additional propane tanks available.

Prior to renting, you should know:

  • Delivery, setup and support onsite available, but not included in rental pricing.  (additional fees will apply).
  • 50% deposit is required to secure scheduling.
  • Credit card & Drivers license copy on file required.
  • A signed rental agreement is required before pickup/delivery.
  • Any requests for donated rentals must be received by February 28. We select up to 2 new charities per year from these requests.
  • Complimentary extension cord use (1 per fan)


Email: to book your cool fan rentals now!