Odor Control & Dust Suppression

Mist Works high pressure EXD Extreme Duty mist pumps and mist systems can help relieve the headaches and odor control demands, as well as help you avoid costly fines.

We know odor doesn’t sleep or take a vacation-and with odor follows a trail of complaints from the community, displeased workers and a list of regulations longer than US Constitution. odor control misting systems.  Our odor and dust control systems can be custom built to your specs or we can assess your needs and determine which products you will need to complete you own  DIY system.   We can install your misting system, build you a self-contained mobile system, or even assist your team in installing a system.

Landfills, transfer station, compactor rooms, slaughter houses, processing plants, livestock waste areas, waste treatment facilities, chemical plants or anywhere malodors may be present can usually benefit from an odor control misting system.

Click HERE for a gallery of ODOR CONTROL mist system photos by Mist Works

Our EXD Industrial Series mist pumps with viton seals can be fitted with chemical injectors, siphon mixers, variable frequency drives, additional filtration systems, timers and many other options and you can use your neutralizing solutions and natural enzymes with Mist Works systems. We also offer air atomizing nozzles to be used with air compressors-these nozzles are great for dust suppression needs.

Are you an odor control chemical manufacturer or supplier looking to have mist systems private labeled for your organization? We can help!  (min. quantity requirements).

Call us at 877-647-8326 and let’s see how we can help your business with our industrial misting systems and ventilation fans.