Industrial Cooling, Dust Suppression, Odor Control & Humidification

Industrial industries have many uses for misters; warehouse cooling, dust suppression, odor control, cement curing, glue setting, bird abatement, mosquito and flying pest control, cooling tower misters…the uses for mist have no end!

Just a few of the industries that use our misting systems are construction companies, RV manufacturers, paper plants, manufacturing facilities, wine storage, wood working, textiles, landfills, transfer stations, animal shelters, auto manufacturing plants and the list is just too long to go on.

Odor Control Along with odor follows a trail of complaints from the community, displeased workers and a list of regulations longer than US Constitution. Mist Works high pressure odor control misting systems can help relieve the headaches of odor control demands as well as help you avoid costly fines. We will build a custom odor control misting system based on your specs, for your landfill, transfer station, compactor rooms, slaughter houses and processing plants, livestock waste areas, waste treatment facilities, chemical plants or anywhere malodors may be present. DIY systems are also available.

Our EXD Industrial Series mist pumps can be fitted with chemical injectors, variable frequency drives, additional filtrations systems, timers and many other options. We also offer air atomizing nozzles to be used with air compressors.

Neutralizing solutions and natural enzymes that are environmentally friendly, non-ozone depleting and successful in removing odors from the air (not just masking it) are available. These products work for organic and non-organic waste. Looking for private labeling for your odor control company? We build and can private label odor reducing mist systems* for your application (min. quantity requirements).

Warehouse Cooling We can cool your large warehouses without any surface wetting, using our high velocity stainless fans and our PHD & EXD series misting pumps, that we build in Florida. Exhaust panel style fans are also available.

Dust Suppression We have portable fans for moving from job to job to control airborne dust without wetting, or we can design an installed mist system for permanent locations.

Humidification Our mist systems are highly efficient in humidification for produce, manufacturing plants needing to maintain certain humidity levels, and for a variety of humidity needs. Stationary installed misters and portable systems with or without fans can be custom designed for you.

Call us at 877-647-8326 and lets see how we can help your business with our indmisting systems and ventilation fans.