Mist systems have limitless options Patio misters, alfresco dining areas, outdoor kitchens, warehouse cooling, sports misting…we do all of those plus much more in the way of outdoor cooling. You can have your own cool zone with one of our professional grade mist systems.

Mist fans and/or systems are also for dust suppression, odor control, smoke control, humidification, insect deterrent, fog effects and screens, and even increase milk production in dairy cows…If your outdoor area is too hot, dusty or stinky, a Mist Works system may be able to help you.

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Commercial Mist Cooling systems

Products for all applications including:

  • Auto Body & Mechanic Shops
  • Amphitheaters & Outdoor Venues
  • Ball Fields / Sports Venues / Racetracks / Parks & Recreation
  • Water & Amusement Parks / Spray parks
  • Restaurants, Bars, Hotels


Industrial Misters

  • Mobile & Stationary Odor Control
  • Dust Suppression
  • Warehouse Cooling
  • Humidification / Dehumidification
  • AC Pre-Cooling
  • Construction Sites


Residential and Patio Misters

  • Patios, Courtyards, Cabanas & Decks
  • A C Pre-Cooling
  • Carport, Workshop & Garage
  • Pool Area Cooling & Fog Effects
  • Mist-scaping Landscape Effects
  • Deter Mosquitos & Flying Pests
  • Crawfish Boils / Outdoor Kitchens


Agricultural, Cannabis & Livestock Mist

  • Greenhouse humidity control
  • Cannabis Marijuana cultivation
  • Produce Stands
  • Poultry Houses / Dairy Farms
  • Horse Stables / Dog Kennels
  • Zoo misters

Specialty Mist / Fog Effects

  • Fire Rehab / Heat Stress Relief
  • Water | Amusement Parks | Golf courses
  • Sports & Athletic Training & Events
  • Military Misters
  • Vehicle Fog Effects
  • Courtyard Lighting & Mist Cooling Fans
  • Water & Landscape mist effects
  • Fog Projection Screen



  • Restaurant patio misters
  • Pool Bar & Deck Cooling
  • Water / Fountain water feature fog effects
  • Mist-scaping Landscape Effects
  • Deter Mosquitos & Flying Pests
  • AC & Frozen drink machine condensor Pre-Cooling